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General Questions

Is HROutsourcing.com a broker?

In a way, yes. But our technical definition is an HR Outsourcing consulting firm. We do not compete with the standard insurance market directly and for the most part our referral partners are P&C/L&H agents. Of course we also work directly with small buisness owners and greatly enjoy doing so as well. 

From technology to customer service to flexibility and specific expertise, there are already so many decisions when it comes to benefits and risk management, let us make it easier to find the right HR partner for you.

Does HROutsourcing.com provide human resources services?

HROutsourcing.com helps connect small to mid-sized businesses to partners that offer human resources services. We do not offer HR services in house. Rather, we are a one-stop-shop for a la carte human resources solutions and comprehensive HR management. We help connect our clients to the right partner for their needs.

Worker’s Compensation

Can you save us money on worker’s compensation insurance?

Most likely! We have relationships with partners across the country that specialize in providing worker’s compensation insurance and claims management expertise, while securing lower prices than you can find by going straight to an insurance company or even through a broker.

These partners leverage group buying power to bargain lower rates with the insurance companies, giving your company the ability to maintain great insurance without breaking the bank.

It sounds too good to be true. But it’s not! Contact us to learn more and get a quote for what your rates could be.

If a claim arose, we wouldn’t be prepared. Can you help us navigate claims management and avoid penalties or lawsuits?

While HROutsourcing.com does not directly provide or sell worker’s compensation insurance or expertise, our focus is to listen to your specific needs and use our extensive relationships and knowledge to connect you to a partner that can help you navigate claims management. Whenever you call HROutsourcing.com, we will talk with you about your company, your wishlist for worker’s compensation and your budget. The human resources companies that we can connect you to offer both expertise and lower rates on alternative worker’s compensation insurance no matter what state you operate in. They can offer general guidance and expertise or comprehensive claims and liability management.

Employee Benefits


My company’s healthcare costs are rising. Can you help us save money?

By partnering with a PEO, you can solve two issues with health insurance at the same time. PEOs usually can offer small businesses more options for coverage, while offering savings to your business. They can also help navigate the Affordable Care Act by helping your company avoid penalties. Learn more about alternative health insurance plans.

We can’t keep up with constantly changing healthcare laws. Can you help us navigate healthcare reform and stay compliant?

Because PEOs focus exclusively on HR administration, they have experts that are constantly staying up-to-date with healthcare reforms that can help your company understand and react to new laws. We can connect you with a PEO that can offer you the right balance of expertise and flexibility based on your industry and your needs.

Do you offer comprehensive and a la carte benefits for us to choose from?

Yes. We help connect business and brokers to quite a few services and benefits a la carte, including alternative health insurance plans, alternative worker’s compensation plans, payroll processing, day-to-day HR administration, retirement services and more. Our greatest benefit is that our knowledge and relationships across the HR services industry allow us to connect both business and brokers to the right service for them.

Our clients that are looking to simplify their business and their day-to-day investment in human resources will see the greatest benefit in comprehensive services through a PEO. Businesses that partner with a PEO see higher employment growth rates compared to other small businesses. Partnering with a PEO for HR management enables you to offer a world-class human resources and benefits program while freeing up your time and money to invest in the core strategic direction of your company. Contact us to learn more about a single service offering or comprehensive services and which one is right for you.

How can you offer better benefits while cutting costs?

HROutsourcing.com can help your company secure better, less costly benefits by pairing you with an HR company that has greater group buying power. They are able to secure better rates than companies that approach health insurance providers for small group or individual plans, because they represent a number of small businesses and they are able to negotiate lower rates. This gives your company access to the types of benefits that are usually only available to companies with 10,000+ employees.

What insurance carriers do you work with?

HROutsourcing.com does not work directly with insurance companies. We utilize our expertise and connections in the human resources industry to link your company with a HR services company or a PEO that can provide lower rates on health insurance and other benefits. PEOs often offer only a few insurance carriers to choose from, which can be limiting for your company. However, by working with HROutsourcing.com, we can help you select a PEO that fits your needs and offers insurance with your preferred carrier.


Can my employees still control how they want to invest and where?

Different PEOs offer a variety of levels of flexibility and investment options. There are hundreds of PEOs operating in the United States, so researching and finding the right one for your company that offers the expertise you need can be a challenge. HROutsourcing.com has relationships with PEOs all over the company and specializes in listening to your needs and matching you to the right one. We can find the right match for your retirement plan preferences, just call us.

Is there an option where the experts choose where to invest?

Many companies and their employees are overwhelmed by choosing how to invest their 401k. Choosing between a broad profile of money markets, stock market funds and more can be overwhelming if you are not in that industry. Many PEOs can help you navigate those choices and take a lot of the stress of responsibly investing your retirement savings off your plate. Each PEO offers different investment options and some provide a lot of flexibility to enable your employees to choose their investments.

If you’d prefer a PEO that takes a more hands-on approach, HROutsourcing.com specializes in listening to your business’ pain points and preferences, then matching you with the right PEO out of the more than 700 PEOs that operate in the United States. Let us help – contact us today!

PTO & Vacation

Keeping up with employee’s PTO or vacation is time consuming and difficult to manage. Do you help with this?

By pairing you with a HR services company, HROutsourcing.com can help you stay on top of payroll, withholdings, PTO, tax reporting and filing, and more. HROutsourcing.com does not provide these services directly – we listen to your needs and leverage our relationships with human resources providers across the country to find the right partner for your company. We help you sort through the hundreds of HR services providers out there to meet your budget, needs and preferences.

Our policies are outdated. Do you have resources to help us get up-to-date?

Yes! HROutsourcing.com can pair your company with a human resources solution that can meet any and all of your needs. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive partner that can save you time and money on benefits, worker’s compensation insurance, payroll and more, or if you are looking for a single solution. We work with quite a few companies that offer templates for manuals, policies and more, paired with expertise to make sure you are compliant with the latest employment laws. Minimizing risks and treating employees fairly is important! We can help, just call us today.


What is a PEO?

Please view our article on this: “What is a PEO?

What is co-employment?

When you contract with a PEO, your company and the PEO enter into a co-employment agreement with your employees. This means that they are employed by both your company and the PEO. Your company continues to provide strategic vision and direct the employees in the day-to-day operations of your company in order to manufacture or sell products, provide services or generally meet the needs of your business model. The PEO is contractually obligated to provide benefits, manage insurance and renewals, remit wages and withholdings, report, collect and provide tax filings, and provide human resources services to your employees and your company. The PEO will also assume certain risks as a co-employer.

How many employees do I need to work with a PEO?

While certain companies will see better cost-savings and benefits from working with a PEO, a company of any size can contract with a PEO. In particular, small businesses see some of the greatest benefits. Small businesses that partner with a PEO grow around 7 - 9% faster than other small businesses. Whether you have one employee or five hundred, a PEO can help your business.

If I hire a PEO, will I lose control of my business?

No. The PEO company only manages the human resources side of your business, which means your company is still responsible for day-to-day operations, strategy and vision, hiring and firing and more. A PEO is there to help your business secure better benefits and insurance at lower rates, while providing resources and expertise that take time-consuming, distracting tasks off of your hands. The PEO business model is designed to reduce the stress and time that management spends on human resources, freeing up their time to take more control over the other aspects of their business.

Do my employees benefit from working with a PEO as well?

Yes. Research shows that small businesses that work with a PEO have 10 – 14% lower employee turnover than other small businesses. This is because employees are offered better benefits, access to expert human resources help and tools, timely payroll and tax filings and more through a PEO. When a claim arises, PEOs are also able to handle it more efficiently, advocating for the employer while settling the issue more quickly and confidently for the employee.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on your needs and which PEO you work with. HROutsourcing.com can put together a free quote for you! Contact us today and we’ll talk with you about your company and what you need from a PEO partnership. In the majority of cases, a PEO will save your business money.

There are a lot of PEOs. How do I choose the right PEO for my company?

HROutsourcing.com has relationships with PEOs throughout the country. We specialize in matching companies with the right human resources solutions provider based on your industry, preferences, geographic location and more. Choosing a PEO is a big decision for your company, let us help you make the right decision the first time! Contact us today.

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