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Our Human Resources Services

Every business hits a point where human resources administration becomes a significant time and financial investment, with some entrepreneurs devoting up to 40% of their day managing tasks outside of their core competencies. For small to mid-sized businesses, navigating regulations and staying in compliance is essential, but it’s challenging without the resources of a large company, which may have a legal team or dedicated compliance consulting. Small businesses also rely on each and every employee to make the business successful, which makes talent acquisition paramount. But it’s difficult to recruit and retain that talent without stellar benefits. That’s where we come in. 

HROutsourcing.com offers flexible solutions for your business that helps reduce the burden of human resources administration and allows you to focus on running your company.  Our solutions can help you:

  • Navigate the marketplace and find the best benefits at the most affordable prices
  • Reduce paperwork and consolidate employee access points
  • Streamline invoicing and renewal dates for HR services
  • Stay compliant and keep up with regulations

Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

As a one-stop-shop for HR services, we offer bundled solutions through a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), which enables our clients to access world-class human resources expertise, outsource time-consuming administrative tasks and offer Fortune 500-level benefits at small business prices. Many of our services are also available as a separate solution if your business only needs to outsource a single service.


Through a co-employment arrangement, PEOs provide comprehensive human resources administration and expertise. Access pre-negotiated rates on benefits plans. 

Human Resources Administration

Outsource the paperwork and administrative tasks to an expert. Stay compliant and avoid costly penalties.

Payroll Services

Save time and ensure that payroll goes out on time, every time.

Worker’s Compensation Plans

Manage claims and lower costs with an experienced partner by your side. Keep up-to-date with state and federal regulations.

Benefits Administration

Attract and retain the talent you need. Navigate the marketplace and secure affordable pricing for world-class benefits packages. 

EPLI Insurance

Protect against employee lawsuits with EPL insurance, or employment practices liability insurance. 

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