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Retirement Plans for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

As a small to mid-sized business, you may have grown to a point where it’s time to consider offering a retirement plan. Or you may have grown to the point where your retirement plan is becoming difficult to manage – you know you need assistance and wonder if a better plan is out there, but it’s difficult to find the time or resources to do the research! You may be asking questions like:

  • Are we too small for a 401K?
  • Are we administering our 401k plan properly and avoiding liability issues?
  • My budget is tight, but I need to offer better benefits. Is there a plan out there that’s great AND affordable?

We offer a solution that can help you resolve all of these questions and secure a retirement plan that meets your needs now and in the future.

Help Your Employees Achieve Their Goals

Offering a great retirement package is critical for businesses looking to recruit and retain top talent. At small businesses, fewer employees means that each of the members of your team contributes more to the ultimate success of the company. Whenever an employee or a candidate is promising, benefits packages can be a powerful incentive to choose and stick with your company to continue investing in your business. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for many small businesses to offer retirement packages that can compete with big companies.

Access to the Best 401K Plans for Small Business

At HROutsourcing.com, we can give you access to Fortune 500-level benefits at rates that are actually affordable for your business and possibly more affordable than the retirement package you offer now. We have developed relationships with a network of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) throughout the country that utilize group buying power to secure quality benefits plans at reduced rates. This gives you access to a wide variety of retirement plans for your current needs and flexibility for your future needs, while also giving you a partner who can help guide you through the multitude of options and day-to-day administration of retirement plans.

Flexible Options for Your Needs

No matter what you need, we can match you up with the right fit for you. Whether you want a simple do-it-yourself investment plan or you’d rather have the professionals manage your retirement plan, we can set you up with a partner that understands your company and a plan customized to your preferences. If your current plan has special features you’d like to match, we can help you secure a similar plan at a lower cost. Meanwhile, we can minimize the burden of daily administration and compliance, helping you avoid costly penalties on small oversights.

Get Started

If you’re ready to learn more, contact one of our friendly team members. We will ask you about what you need in a plan and your wish list, then give you a couple of options and explain how they differ. Our goal is to simplify the process of research and securing a great retirement plan, all within your budget. 

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