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EPLI Insurance

Known commonly as EPL insurance, employment liability insurance provides coverage to employers against disgruntled employees alledging claims such as discrimination, wrongful termination, harrassment, failure to promote, etc.

EPL insurance provides the most value for small and midsized businesses because they are the least likely to have a legal department or processes in place for such claims or situations.

Employment Liability Best Practices

To mitigate the risk of an employment claim, make sure you have policies and procedures that guide your leaders on how to hire, discipline and/or let go employees. Compiling these processes in a handbook can give you a legal base to support you in the chance of a claim.

Below are some other best practices that will help lower employment liability:

  • Reach out to an insurance agent to discuss appropriate EPL insurance for your business size.
  • Draft and publish an employee handbook.
  • Leave a paper trail with all employee communication, especially with confrontational reviews or disciplinary meetings.
  • Create a job description for each position.
  • Screen potential hires and perform comprehensive background checks.
  • Conduct performance reviews on a regular basis.

Are you covered for employment practices liability?

EPL insurance is a great option to protect your small or midsized business. Costs vary depending on yhour business size, legal history, turnover rate and your current risks in the workplace. To learn more about EPL insurance, contact our team at HROutsourcing.com today. We can help your business through customized PEO services based on your needs.

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