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HR Compliance Support

Keep up with swiftly changing compliance laws.

Over the past two decades, there has been a more than 400% increase in employment-related lawsuits. New regulations are rolling out every day that impact your business and how you handle employee management from the recruiting process all the way to termination. The day-to-day challenges of running a business are taxing enough for most business owners without also following every update to employment law and ensuring your human resources administration is completely compliant. Unfortunately, even though this is almost too much to juggle for most businesses, the penalties for breaches in employment law can be costly.

Small to mid-sized businesses face bigger challenges.

For small businesses with fewer resources to spend on human resources staff and smaller budgets to absorb penalties, compliance is paramount and yet almost impossible to keep up with. Outsourcing your human resources compliance administration to an expert can be one of the most affordable and secure options to keep your business in compliance.

Our experts at HROutsourcing.com specialize in matching small to mid-sized businesses with the right outsourced HR solution. Whenever you call one of our professionals, we will speak with you about your specific business and your concerns. Where are you spending most of your time and resources when it comes to HR? What type of considerations do you have in terms of location, industry expertise and more? Do you need other services, like assistance with payroll processing, affordable healthcare options, quality retirement plans?

Once we have gotten a complete understanding of your needs, we will select specific matches for you from an expansive range of solutions and help you compare apples to apples. This will ensure that you are truly getting what you need in terms of technology, expertise, customer services and more.

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