What is a PEO?
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What is a PEO?

A PEO or a Professional Employer organization offers business owners an opportunity to increase efficiency, productivity and revenues within their business. PEOs take the hassle of day-to-day human resources management off of your plate and help simplify and accomplish all of that work for you, including payroll, policy research and renewals, onboarding paperwork and more. Through group-buying power, they are also able to secure some of the lowest rates available for health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and retirement benefits, while providing access to benefits that typically only large companies can afford.

How Does It Work?

Once a business owner selects a PEO, the PEO and the client company enter into a co-employment relationship with their employees. The PEO then assumes responsibility for employment law compliance, payroll, employee taxes, benefits selection and administration and more. The PEO provides a complete human resources package to the worksite employee, absorbs the liability involved and takes care of all those time-consuming HR tasks. The client company is then free to focus on directing the future of their business and making strategic, high-level decisions focused on manufacturing, production and delivery of its products or services. Use our chat feature or give us a call to clarify how this relationship works and what benefits it can have for your business. 

Let us match you to the right one.

While PEOs shop a broad marketplace of benefits and insurance providers, they are still not a one-size fits all approach. Many PEOs have certain specialties or industry focuses; there are also some that serve mid-sized and large businesses, where a smaller company might not get the same level of customer service, technology or specific expertise that they need. We have relationships with not just the small PEOs, but many other PEOs that serve more niche markets and offer levels of service that the giants cannot.

One of our representatives will take the time to talk to you about your business and the specific problems you are looking to solve. We will then do the research and give you the benefit of our wealth of experience in matching clients to PEOs. From there, we will talk to you about a few options that will help you truly meet the needs of your business, rather than suggesting a one-size fits all solution. 

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